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It is not necessary to throw the expensive fishing waders or boots immediately in the trash just because of a tear or a hole. In our experience, more than 95 % of tears up to 15 cm can be patched. Don’t hesitate, contact us .

Repair of torn fly fishing boots

Fly fishing boots, extremely damaged in the front due to underwater stones. The right side represents a repaired product with a 24-month repair warranty.

Tear caused by walking through the bushes

The photo shows the repair of the tear, which was approximately 15 cm long and L-shaped. The right side of the photo shows the result of the repair with a 24-month warranty.

Wading shoes repair - before and after

that's us
More than 500
happy clients from 15 countries
More than 2000 hours
invested in learning and repairing boots
we offer 100 %
refund in case of dissatisfaction
24 months
warranty on each and every repair



“Particularly in fly fishing, where there is a lot of rapid river movement and many falls, material damage is often done. They have been taking care of my waders and boots for many years, repairing them perfectly and repairing defects, extending their life for another season. I highly recommend it to everyone!”

Rok Šparovec | national fly fishing champion 2016, member of the national fly fishing team

FB: Rok Šparovec

“For almost ten years, they have been repairing my fly fishing gear (waders, boots). Each, even the biggest tear, was successfully patched. They also perfectly repaired my boots, which were very worn. The boots were repaired, covered with a protective layer, and a new felt was fixed to the sole with screws. They are like new. I recommend!”

Jure Osolin | current national fly fishing champion, member of the national fly fishing team

Facebook -> Jure Osolin

“In the Faronika fish farm d.o.o. we regularly employ 6 fish farmers and occasionally twice as many in the catch and stock season. Good equipment is a prerequisite for good work and we are very pleased to have “discovered” Mr. Andrej. His services are professional – the response is immediate. The equipment is precisely labeled, he listens to all customer requirements and wishes and honestly says what the repair options are. It performs the service within the announced deadline, promptly informs you of any complications and equips the service with photos of the “before” and “after” status.

In any case, working with them is easy, transparent, fast and correct. A real relief on the Slovenian market. I highly recommend it!”

Fish farm Faronika

Urška Bizjak, CEO

“Throughout the year, I have about 230 – 240 days of fishing, competing and guiding. So my waders lifetime is max. 2 years and then they start to leak water on the joints and neoprene socks, not to mention shoes. A few years ago, I learned that Andrej Sostaric was doing the repair in Slovenia, so I decided to send them for service, but I didn’t give much importance to the fact that he would be able to repair it. All in all, it took about 15 days and I got my Simms waders G3 back and was more than pleased, I honestly couldn’t believe it was not leaking anymore. After that, I sent out 3-4 more waders and one shoe and was very pleased. It was hard for me at first to believe that it was no longer leaking water at the joints, plus I even got a guarantee. All repairs are done from the inside so that it is not noticed that it is a repair. I am satisfied and I recommend any cooperation with Andrej. Big greetings from the Pliva River.”

Željko Prpić, fishing guide and a manager on the Pliva river

Željko Prpić


Fishing shop Kostevc

When you already think the old Simms Fishing Products boots kicked the bucket, I got them back and repaired perfectly! We definitely recommend the pre-season repair for waders and boots.

Matjaž Tirovič

Each time I was very pleased with the repair, advice and attitude. I highly recommend it.

Zoran Leko, VP of the Fishing family Novo mesto

I gave my fly fishing waders, which were in a catastrophic condition, more for a joke than really for repairing to Andrej, thinking that nothing would come of it. But to my surprise, Andrej did a masterful job. I strongly recommend the services of Andrej Šoštarič to all fly anglers.

Dušan Dolinar DVD Fly

For me and my friends, you have already repaired quite a few waders and boots. Everything was very well made. I can recommend it to all the anglers. Thank you again!

Igor Miličič, Secretary, Fishing Association of Slovenia

At the suggestion of fishing colleagues, I bought waders at this store at a great price. I am very pleased with them and I was especially pleased when Mr. Andrew repaired / patched the spot on the waders where the water was leaking. He also replaced the sole on my boots. Both repairs were professionally made and reasonably priced, so I recommend this service to others.

Vjekoslav Vrbanić, Croatia, chief editor of an angling magazine

I have used the boot repair services on several occasions and every time I was satisfied with the quality of service and the price. If the boots are no longer for repair, Andrej tells you so and there is no unnecessary cost. Hats off, a service that was so lacking in this region!

Boštjan Podbevšek, Goflyfishing

As a fishing guide ( I spend a lot of time by the rivers. My waders and boots are therefore quickly worn. I sent the Simms G3 boots for repair, the work was done quickly, with high quality and at low cost. What particularly surprised me was that I received a one-year warranty on the service provided. Overall service rating: 10+.

Robert Smolič

I sent several types of footwear for service (fly fishing boots, casual shoes, neoprene waders, fly fishing waders). I am very satisfied with the service, the work is done professionally. I would recommend it to others.

Vojko Štanfelj, president of the Fishing family Ribnica

My opinion regarding the repair of fishing waders by Andrej Šoštarič is as follows: I sent him a Rapala high waders for repair. They were then thoroughly inspected, pictorially presented and Andrej suggested repair. I confirmed the proposal, got the waders repaired, the warranty on the repair and even more, the warranty on additional puncture damage. The waders are again impermeable and again usable which is significantly cheaper than buying new ones. From now on, I give every waders or boots to Andrej Šoštarič for repair and only buy new ones in case of wear and tear.

Darko Ržen

I’m a passionate fly angler and holes in fishing waders are no longer a problem. Felt on the sole of fishing boots wears out every year, which is also perfectly repaired by Mr. Andrej Šoštarič from Fish & Fun. I can tell that he patted my Simms G3 waders very well and restored the felt.

Ladislav Petelin

I own 12 years old Simms “Guide” waders that started leaking after nine years. Fish & Fun got my case arranged for a very low price and I still use them now. I almost destroyed Simms G3 boots in 3 years time, but Andrej Šoštarič also repaired these for me to wear.

Marinko Marinović, Croatia

All praise to Andrej Šoštarič for his well done work on my Hardy Waders. Thank you. And a lot of success in future work.

Zac- River Kupa lodge

Mr. Andreja Šoštarič and his company
I met three years ago at fly fishing on the Savinja River in Mozirje, which he is a member of.
Then I learned that Andrej repaired fishing waders and boots!
Everyone who deals with fly fishing know that our equipment is not cheap and very glad I agreed to repair the waders of my colleagues and me!
The repair was superb, it was made very fast and of course the affordable price for me!
I was most thrilled with the work of Mr. Andrew.
So first test the waders, send you the pictures where the water drains, mark it! This procedure is free!
Then if you want to go proced consult with Mrs. Andrej they explain you ewerything about
repair and price!
I warmly recommend Mr. Andreja and his company
and I think that this part of Europe is certainly No.1 and best for fly fishing equipment repair!